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Neighborhood Watch Program

Tammy Descoteaux, from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department explained the Neighborhood Watch Program to us at our Annual meeting.  She shared statistics on crimes committed in Aegean Hills are slightly higher than those in the surrounding areas.  Crime statistics in Aegean Hills for last year: 

Crime Statistics for Aegean Hills in the past year








Hit and Runs






Stolen Vehicles


Neighborhood Watch Programs are designed to prevent and deter crimes from occurring.  They can also be helpful in identifying suspects in crimes that have been committed.

What can a neighborhood watch do for my street?

Your neighborhood group will receive a quarterly newsletter and Neighbor Alert Watch Bulletins.  Emergency preparedness for your home and neighborhood is addressed.  Special programs, such as Operation ID, and vacation home checks will be available to your neighborhood watch group.  Help make your neighborhood a safer place, by calling to organize a neighborhood Watch Program on your street.  

How do we start a neighborhood watch? 

Neighborhood Watch Programs are organized according to the street you live on.  Most will include 12-15 homes.  If you are interested in a Neighborhood Watch Program and are willing to host the first meeting with neighbors, all you have to do is call AHHA voice mail at 726-8844. You provide the place for the meeting, all other details, including contacting your neighbors will be done for you. Meetings are held during the week from 7:00-8:30 PM.  Two meetings are required to form a Neighborhood Watch.  A Neighborhood Watch Captain will be selected at one of these meetings.

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