AEGEAN HILLS Homeowner's Association

Agenda Item #21

City of Mission Viejo
Agenda Report to City Council

Council Meeting Date: November 6, 2006

City Council Member: Trish Kelley

Agenda Title: Concentration of Residential Community Care Facilities

Recommended Actions: Direct staff to analyze the over concentration of residential community care facilities. Recommend to the State Legislature that compaction standards be revised to increase the distance of such facilities in the future.


The City Council of the City of Mission Viejo must take the strongest lawful position it can take regarding our residential neighborhoods. Although we must be careful not to violate the rights of any person who wants to reside in this City, in turn it is critical that we protect the rights and quality of life of our residents.

In 1997 the City undertook analysis of the State laws that allow various uses to be specified as single family dwelling uses and thus outside of specific City regulation. The report presented a start for the City. A public hearing, conducted by the Planning Commission, followed in order to receive input from residents as to whether or not the State laws sufficiently prevented the compaction of community care facilities in the City’s residential areas. I believe that it is now time to both update that prior report, and then to vigorously follow all lawful options that we can to ensure the protection and preservation of our neighborhoods.

Many residents have continued to share the concern of over-concentration of residential community care facilities within Mission Viejo. There is an especially high concentration of these homes in Aegean Hills. The previous study revealed required distances between these facilities. The City should research the current distance required by the State, and determine if these requirements are enforced. We may also suggest that the State law be amended, requiring greater distance between facilities.

I am requesting that the Mayor and City Council join me in directing our staff and City Attorney to immediately update the prior report and to prepare and present to this community the full spectrum of options available to protect our neighborhoods.


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