AEGEAN HILLS Homeowner's Association

3nd Annual AHHA Garage Sale

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hurry and set your alarm clocks!  Get those waist pouches filled with money and dust off that old visor.  It is time to shop till you drop!  That's right, AHHA is sponsoring the third annual neighborhood garage sale this summer.

AHHA encourages everyone to use this as a opportunity to rid yourselves of that unwanted stuff or to buy retro items now in style.

The garage sale will be on Saturday morning, June 11, 2005.   As our newsletter stated, AHHA will be advertising the garage sale in the PennySaver.  We will also provide directional signs that morning to direct customers into the neighborhood. 

Start searching through your houses for potential items that could be sold.  The neighborhood garage sale is fast approaching and is not an event to be missed!

Have fun finding your friends and stuff you need!

Listed alphabetically, in order of street names below, the addresses of those hosting garage sales

The Kenworthy family
Maple spinet piano and an organ as well as living room couch and chair (Ethan Allen). There is also a 1945 hope chest and a circa 1940 White sewing machine. Good luck to everyone on a successful day.
Sofia Pugh  
Jan and Tom Rucktenwald  
Kaye Osborne  
Lin & Branko Marelic  
Bernie & Pat Collins Computer, ecorative end table, ping pong table
Joan Brown
Peggy Davis  
Allen & Roberta Patton  
Bonnie Tresell
Cindy Fazendin

Beverly Stephenson
Pat & Julie Ward Designer baby items, Peg Perego stroller & highchair, infant carseat, Pack-n-play, exersaucer, swing, infant clothes, Lawnmower 20” 5.5 hp, Delta 8” electric compound miter saw, JBL speakers, misc. audio components, fountain, misc. items
Brett and Joan Barnett  
Kaylene and Jon Barber  
Donna Wigdor  
John and Pam Luttrell  
Don & Marilyn Kipp  
Keith and Tina Neukirch  
Kathy & Al Sotelo Antiques and a king bedroom set
Sheila & Vern Dobbs  
Tricia Berlin  
The Cassiers family  
The Hayes family  
Gary Silvers  
Shawn and Char Grogan Wedding decor and Womens clothing
Maxine Egley  
Gladys Moore Furniture, clothes
Charles Howell & Yael Karabelnik  
Johnnie & Skip Vance Riobe table saw, a large lathe, and RBI s croll saw. Retiring from the craft business and selling all of my craft supplies. Lots of baskets, pumpkins, Santas, ribbons, greenery, etc. and craft magazines and books.
William Shirer
H.C. Lewis Thousands of good golf balls at great prices. Numerous gold clubs, bags, and golf training videos. Various other items.
Elaine & Neil Altneu  
Abby & Michael LeBoff Designer baby clothes (boy and girl), baby toys and accessories, rocking chair
Frank Dome  
Eileen and Victor Gonzalez  
The Olsen family

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