AEGEAN HILLS Homeowner's Association

City Council Meeting

When: November 6, 2006, 6 pm

Where: Mission Viejo Cilty Hall

What: Agenda Item #21, Over Concentration and Impact of Residential Community Care Facilities (aka Board and Care)

To respond to the growing concerns of Aegean Hills homeowners about excessive Board and Care homes, which are actually businesses, please attend this meeting. Let the City Council know how you feel about this escalating situation in Aegean Hills.

Ways to voice your opinion:

1. Attend the City Council meeting, fill out Speakers or Written Comments card BEFORE Item #21 is introduced.

2. Send an email to the City Admin and to the City Clerk Be sure to identify Agenda #21, and if you are Pro or Con the issue. AHHA is IN FAVOR of Agenda Item #21.

3. Phone or Fax the City Clerk (see phone numbers below)

If you attend the meeting:

To have your voice heard, you must either fill out a Speaker's Card or a Written Comments card BEFORE the introduction Agendized Item #21.

To speak, you must submit a Speaker's Card prior to the introduction of this agendized item. Be sure to identity the Agenda Item #21 and whether you are in favor or against.

You will have an opportunity to speak from the podium for 3 minutes.

If you wish comment without speaking, please submit a Written Comments card.

If you cannot attend the meeting:

It is extremely important for you to email or phone the city clerk and admin:

Email City Admin:

Email City Clerk:

Phone City Clerk: (949) 470-3052

Fax City Clerk: (949) 581-0983

Click here to see the entire City Council Agenda #21


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